Custom made insoles with 3D scan

Custom made insoles at the FSC Marbella

Modern inserts for support

Nature created the foot for walking barefoot. Shoes offer foot protection, but it alters the natural movement patterns. Numerous misalignments in the body and feet can lead to strain on the joints and spinal column as well as back pain. Ergonomically manufactured inserts can help. However, they must be produced so that they also fit into modern footwear and are therefore also worn.

Modern insoles should provide a high degree of wearing comfort with a good fit and optimum support for the foot. Inserts must be aligned with the foot’s axis and guarantee that the musculoskeletal system and body structure are optimally interacting. Thanks to its intelligent technology, the body can compensate for stress and restore its natural regulatory mechanisms, allowing your feet to experience their natural way of movement.

Modern insoles are developed on the basis of the latest biomechanical findings and have special absorption zones, which activate important relaxation points. Thanks to new production processes, inserts can be extremely thin and resilient. Today, they fit into many more shoes than before. The insoles are available for children, teenagers and adults.

Which insoles are suitable for you and the advantages and disadvantages associated with them can only be determined after an individual consultation.

3D gait analysis

A dynamic, digital 3D measurement device measures the foot’s movement patterns as well as providing a specialised evaluation of your body’s axes (e.g. knee and hip). The data is supplemented by photos of the body’s structures. These measurements can be carried out at our practice.

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